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Optical decorative glass electric melting furnace

Glass that changes the direction of light propagation and changes the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light. Optical glass in the narrow sense refers to colorless optical glass; optical glass in the broad sense also includes colored optical glass, laser glass, quartz optical glass, radiation-resistant glass, ultraviolet and infrared optical glass, fiber optical glass, acousto-optic glass, magneto-optic glass and photochromic glass. Optical glass can be used to manufacture lenses, prisms, mirrors and windows in optical instruments. Components made of optical glass are the key components in optical instruments.

K523 crystal glass electric melting furnace

Crystal cup, usually refers to the lead-free crystal glass processing for drinking cup or glass, with the popularization of technology and technology, crystal glass has been used as a cup, become a new era of fashion people's favorite; another is the common crystal glass. Lead-free crystal is very popular with consumers and processing manufacturers because of its transparency and brightness.

Rhinestone glass electric melting furnace

Rhinestone (crystal,rhinestone) also known as crystal diamond, rhinestone. The main ingredient is crystal glass, which is a kind of jewelry accessory obtained by cutting artificial crystal glass into diamond facets. This material is more economical and has a diamond-like dazzling visual effect. Therefore, it is very popular, rhinestones are generally used in mid-range jewelry design. Classification of rhinestones: according to color points can be divided into: white diamond, color diamond (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), color diamond (also called AB diamond), color AB diamond (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).

Electric melting furnace for microcrystalline sheet glass

Microcrystalline plate is a stone plate made of many minerals, slag and other raw materials. Its production process is relatively complicated. It needs to melt the raw materials at high temperature, then carry out rolling, crystallization, annealing and other operations, and finally can form this kind of high wear resistance and high strength plate.

Strong combination, will produce high-quality goods

With Shandong Linuo completing all the procedures for the thermal acceptance of the electric furnace for 22 tons and 50 medium borosilicate medicinal molded bottles, the two electric furnaces built by Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. for Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd. in 2022 were successfully delivered for use. 50 borosilicate medicinal molding bottle glass melting technology is a new technology developed by Chengde Huafu in recent years, previously only to two domestic companies limited output. The successful commissioning of the project in Shandong Linuo marks that Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd. has become the third domestic enterprise with the production capacity of 50 borosilicate medicinal molded bottles, and also marks the cooperation between Shandong Linuo and Chengde Huafu has entered a new stage.

Following the successful commissioning of the 60-ton high-white electric furnace of the Guanyu Group, another good news is spread-the successful commissioning of the industrial milk white electric furnace of Guanyu Group.

Sichuan Guanyu Glass Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guanyu Industry"), a subsidiary of Guanyu Group, successfully released the 60-ton milky white electric furnace at 8: 08 on November 8, 2022.

Jiangsu Jindian 46 Tons Fine White to Blue Wine Bottle Glass Electric Melting Furnace Successfully Put Into Operation

On June 21, Jiangsu Jindian 46 blue wine bottle glass electric melting furnace was successfully put into operation. This is the 31st electric furnace that our company successfully put into production in 2022. On the 3rd day of discharging, the designed discharging capacity was reached, the qualified rate reached more than 80%, and the unit consumption of melting was 1.0KWH, which passed the customer acceptance smoothly.