Talent concept

Build a fair and just stage for everyone who enters Huafu Project: give a chance to do things, give a platform to those who are willing to do things, and give a burden to those who can do things, so that everyone can display their talents to the fullest.

Huafu Engineering focuses on employees

"De", Huafu Engineering's employment philosophy, adhering to the "both ability and political integrity, morality first" purpose. In Huafu Project, from ordinary employees to senior management cadres, there are corresponding evaluation criteria for "morality, ability, diligence and performance. Huafu recruitment insists on selecting talents who are enterprising, responsible, team spirit and dedication, as well as have a solid background and skilled business skills. These talents can be fresh graduates who have just stepped out of school, or people who have accumulated a certain amount of social and work experience. As long as he has ideals in mind, and is good at learning and the courage to challenge, he can become a member of the Huafu family.

"Education", Huafu Engineering has always believed that employees are the wealth of the company, and the growth of Huafu is always inseparable from a group of employees who have ideals, abilities, and agree with corporate values and development directions. As the backbone of Huafu, they will work together with Huafu. Struggle and grow! Therefore, Huafu always pays attention to employee training. Our slogan is "Learning, Innovation, and Development", providing various training opportunities for employees who have development potential and are willing to work hard, so that they can release greater power.