Strong combination, will produce high-quality goods

With the completion of Shandong Linuo22tons50All procedures for the acceptance of the hot state of the electric furnace of the borosilicate pharmaceutical molding bottle,2022The two electric melting furnaces built by Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. for Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd. were successfully delivered.50The melting technology of borosilicate medicinal molded bottle glass is a new technology developed by Chengde Huafu in recent years, which was previously limited to two domestic companies. The successful commissioning of the project in Shandong Linuo marks that Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd. has become the third domestic company50The enterprise with the production capacity of borosilicate medicinal molded bottles also marks a new stage in the cooperation between Shandong Linuo and Chengde Huafu.

As we all know, Shandong Linuo has been at the forefront of the industry in the field of construction and use of all-electric glass melting furnaces. It has accumulated a lot of experience in the design, construction, commissioning and use of all-electric glass melting furnaces, and has trained many talents. It has made outstanding contributions to the introduction of all-electric glass melting furnace technology and its comprehensive application in China's glass industry.

50Medium borosilicate medicinal molding bottle electric furnace in operation)


It is reported that with the business development and successful listing of Shandong Linuo, the introduction of updated electric melting furnace technology has become increasingly urgent to speed up the construction of electric melting furnaces.2021Year10In January, Shandong Linuo Yang Zong led a team to Chengde Huafu for inspection and exchange. After this exchange, the two teams realized that there was a wide range of cooperation space between them. The Linuo team also highly recognized and praised Chengde Huafu's exploration and achievements in the field of electric melting furnaces in recent years, and immediately decided that Chengde Huafu would build two electric melting furnaces and one production.70Low borosilicate drug glass tube, one production50Medium borosilicate molded medicine bottle. In order to fully highlight the complete technology introduction, both projects are turnkey large package projects. The material range not only includes all the materials required by the electric melting furnace, but also extends to the power distribution cabinet such as low-voltage compensation and harmonic control.

(Shandong Linuo team and Chengde Huafu team are communicating)


Although Chengde Huafu has close30Years of experience in building electric furnaces, but how to satisfy professional customers like Shandong Linuo and how to make truly reliable high-quality projects is a must-answer question in front of Huafu team. The Huafu team knows that this is not only a simple technical output, but also a good opportunity to enhance technical exchanges and self-improvement.

In order to better promote the construction of the project, the two teams set up a project working group. From technical design to material preparation, from engineering construction to commissioning, every link is fully communicated and sincere cooperation. Chengde Huafu spared no effort to integrate new technology into every link of project construction, and Shandong Linuo also constantly put forward valuable opinions based on years of experience. In the whole process of cooperation, Shandong Linuo team showed valuable professionalism and tolerant attitude, giving more advice without picking faults and giving more methods without solving problems. In this atmosphere, the construction personnel of Huafu in Chengde overcame many difficulties such as epidemic situation, intense heat and tight construction period, and completed the project construction as scheduled.

         50Boron silicon molded bottle project is Shandong Linuo focus on the introduction of technology. In order to ensure the smooth production of the project, Chengde Huafu sent senior technicians to connect with Shandong Linuo, from raw material standard to material side, from melting to debugging, refinement to every link and management to every element.

50Medium borosilicate medicinal molding bottle electric furnace for smooth ignition)


Every country effort off,2022Year7Month29day,70The low borosilicate drug glass tube electric furnace was successfully put into operation,2022Year9Month16day,50The medium borosilicate molded pharmaceutical bottle electric furnace was successfully put into operation, and both electric furnaces reached and exceeded the pass rate agreed upon by both parties within the time agreed upon by both parties.

It is said that the strong are always strong. In fact, this is only the consistent feeling shown in front of us. However, after this, there are countless days and nights of hard work by the strong. There is reason to believe that with the smooth commissioning of the two electric melting furnaces, the two companies will have further in-depth cooperation. With the deepening of the cooperation between the two companies, the application of electric melting furnaces in the glass industry will be promoted to a new height.

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