Following the successful commissioning of the 60-ton high-white electric furnace of the Guanyu Group, another good news is spread-the successful commissioning of the industrial milk white electric furnace of Guanyu Group.

Jiguanyu Group60After the successful commissioning of the ton-high white electric furnace, another good news will be reported.

-Guanyu industrial milky white electric melting furnace put into operation smoothly


Sichuan Guanyu Glass Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guanyu Industry"), a subsidiary of Guanyu Group, successfully released the 60-ton milky white electric furnace at 8: 08 on November 8, 2022.

It has achieved the remarkable achievements of putting into production on the same day, reaching the standard of the universal Mao bottle on the same day, and reaching the standard of Lang wine bottle within 3 days. The finished milk bottle is to create a knock on three sides, strength upThe new height of 1.2J.






Production of general-type Mao bottles and Lang wine bottles


 The milkThe white glass electric melting furnace was built by Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

-The site was stationed on June 17, the ignition conditions were available on August 6, and the construction time lasted 51 days.

-The electric furnace was ignited on time at 12: 00 on October 23 and discharged at 8: 08 on November 8. The kiln lasted16 days.

-On the day of discharge, some products meet the standard of ordinary Mao bottles, and within 72 hours, the products meet the standard of Lang wine bottles, and the debugging time3 days.

This kiln was signed by Guanyu Group and Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. in January 2022.The second of the 3 60-ton all-electric glass electric melting furnaces. All-electric opal glass melting furnace is based on electric energy, no waste gas is produced in the melting process, and fluorine emissions are reduced by 30%, which is truly green and environmentally friendly. In terms of cost, the cost per ton is reduced by 100 yuan compared to the flame; in terms of quality, the uniformity of the glass is improved, thereby improving the strength and whiteness. The strength can reach 1.2J three-sided tapping without breaking and 1.4J single-sided tapping without breaking.


On November 8, the contractor, Huafu Engineering Company, installed the top plug electrode.


Combined with the commissioning and operation of the first electric melting furnace, Guanyu Group and Huafu Company once again improved the technical scheme, construction quality and kiln process flow of the kiln. And in this start-up production in the use-The stage feeding method advances the normal time of glass products in the milky white electric melting furnace by 3 days.

Commissioning of the kiln by the contractor and operation training for the manufacturer



Product out of annealing furnace on the day of discharging


 The high-white and milky-white electric furnaces of the Guanyu Group have been put into operation one after another, allowing the Guanyu GroupBecoming a glass manufacturing enterprise with large-scale high-white and milky-white glass electric melting furnaces in Sichuan, even Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan is the inevitable result of strict management, super-strong learning ability, innovation ability and execution ability.

 With the close cooperation and joint efforts of Guanyu Industry and Chengde Huafu,In response to the national environmental protection strategy, we jointly presented the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress.


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