Retrospect of Shanghai Exhibition
One of the biggest professional electric furnace manufacturers. Introduced the first glass electric furnace in 1988,ameliorate and innovate after exertion.
Company Achievement [ 2019-07-31 ]
20 years glass electric furnace technology application &successful install experience Domestic & oversea total 260 sets electric furnaces new construction engineering cases Domestic & international total 170 sets electric furnaces overhaul engineering cases Advantages: Advanced, economized, high-efficiency
Main Products [ 2019-07-31 ]
High Born Silicate Glass electric furnace (Daily output1-80Tons) For manufacture the solar pipe, the car lights, the tableware, the glassware, the decorative lighting fitting.
suitable for glass product, lamps and laterns fitting

HuaFu(Chengde) Glass Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd



One of the biggest professional electric furnace manufacturers. Introduced the first glass electric furnace in 1988,ameliorate and innovate after exertion.



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