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2023 Huafu Engineering Company annual meeting was successfully held

Huafu Engineering successfully held its 23rd annual meeting at Jiahe Hotel in Chengde on February 7, 2024. Through the joint efforts of the company's leaders and the annual meeting team, the company's large-scale activities were successfully completed.

Bangladesh 45 tons opal glass electric furnace successfully ignited

The successful ignition of the 45-ton opal glass electric furnace in Bangladesh is an important milestone for Huafu. However, we faced many challenges in this project, the most important of which was the language barrier. For this project in Bangladesh, we worked with local engineers and technicians. However, because our team did not know Bengali and the local people were not familiar with English, communication was difficult. At first, we tried to use translation software to solve this problem, but soon found that this was not a viable solution.

Glass Electric Melting Furnace Products

All-electric glass electric melting furnace is a kind of furnace that directly melts glass by inputting alternating current from electrodes in high temperature glass liquid and joule heat generated by ion conduction in glass liquid.

Moutai Project Promotional Film
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Moutai Project Promotional Film

The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition

The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Welcome to your arrival!

The First Production Line in Zambia Runs Successfully

Huafu (Chengde) Glass Technology & Engineer Co., LTD has built the first project in Zambia, which represents a significant milestone for our company. Due to this project grows out of nothing, the engineers from Huafu and Zambia make progress together and support each other forward.


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