The main principle of glass electric melting furnace

glass electric melting furnaceAlso known as electric melting furnace, also known as electric melting furnace, when people find that high temperature glass can conduct electricity, electric energy can be used as a heat source to melt glass, that is, glass electric melting furnace to melt glass. The cellar of flames began to beglass electric melting furnacebyReplace.

Glass tank furnaces with flame surface heating have a long history and culture,Although a lot of structural improvements have been made in the process of long-term development and use management.,But there are still serious shortcomings for some problems.:such as low thermal efficiency,Kiln body structure is more complex,Bulky,Poor working and living environment, etc..

In20Century40at the end of the decade,glass electric melting furnaceused in commercial production. From the use effect,glass electric melting furnaceThe advantages are high melting rate, simple structure, high degree of automation and good working environment.

glass electric melting furnaceThe main principle is to use electric energy as a heat source. Silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide resistance heaters are usually installed on the side walls of the kiln for indirect resistance radiation heating. Induction heating is used in some special glass melting furnaces. Eddy currents are generated in the furnace and in the liquid electric melting furnaceThe glass liquid in the furnace is directly used as a heating resistor, and a plurality of multi-layer electric comparators are arranged at different heights of the glass liquid to heat the glass liquid, and the temperature system is controlled by adjusting the power consumption. In this way, the temperature of the space above the glass level is very low(called the cooling of the furnace roof), So the energy is basically consumed in the heat dissipation of the molten glass and the furnace wall, and there is no heat loss and environmental pollution when the flue gas is discharged, and the heat utilization rate is high,glass electric melting furnaceThere is no need to provide a combustion system and a waste heat recovery system. The battery kiln can be automatically controlled, with few managers, good working conditions, but large power consumption. Suitable for melting refractory glass, volatile glass, black glass. Theglass electric melting furnaceProduction of bottles and jars of glass every day150Tons.

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