High temperature resistance of glass electric melting furnace

Glass processing industry in our country belongs to the unpopular industry, engaged in very few people, but our country's annual demand for glass is indeed the world's first, such a large demand-supply ratio has not led to a large number of practitioners to switch, this is what reason?glass electric melting furnaceTechnology does not understand. Many people have never been involved in this field, and their technical understanding is not much, so this is the main factor in the current shortage of talents in the glass industry.

The biggest problem of electrode water jacket lies in the process of electrode propulsion. According to the design of electrode propulsion, it needs to be propelled once every 3 months at the fastest and once every 7 years at least. For example, in float kiln designed by fic, the difference of propulsion time is so large, mainly due to the glass type, melting rate, especially the propulsion design structure. The electrode water jacket is usually damaged during the pushing process. The main reason is that the cooling water needs to be closed in order to push the electrode, so that the overall temperature of the water jacket rises, causing the solidified glass near the water jacket to soften to achieve the purpose of pushing. Almost all the electrode water jackets are made of heat-resistant stainless steel and need to withstand a high temperature of 1100 ℃. However, after pushing the water jacket, the biggest problem occurs in the water jacket, because the temperature at the front of the water jacket is as high as 1100°C, the cooling water needs to be added very slowly to prevent damage caused by large temperature differences. As the kiln operator is already hot and tired during the electrode pushing process, he hopes to finish the work as soon as possible. In the actual operation process, the water inlet is often not slow enough. The waterway can be disassembled by ordinary employees. It takes less than ten minutes and only three tools are needed to completely separate and complete the whole process. Due to the large cross-sectional area, the water quality requirements for cooling water are not high. In fact, when necessary, you can also use river water directly. The removable waterway does not directly contact the water jacket itself. It has an air barrier to ensure that the cooling water only acts on the front end of the water jacket, thus reducing or completely eliminating star cracks in the refractory caused by thermal shock.

  glass electric melting furnaceThere are still many aspects of the technology that we have not said. We look forward to more people who are interested in the glass processing industry can contact us, and we will give you the greatest technical support.

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