Glass melting furnaces: how to increase the service life of glass electric melting furnaces

With the development of industrial technology glass,glass electric melting furnaceThe life is also extended, and the quality of the glass is significantly improved, which is related to the emergence of refractory materials and new species of refractory materials. In particular, it has a close relationship with the development of electrofused refractories in the last century. Due to its high density, wear resistance, good high temperature mechanical properties andglass electric melting furnaceThe corrosion resistance of the fused refractory material.

In the development of our country for many years, the sizeglass electric melting furnaceThe basic problem of controlling the ignition oven is that China follows the old tradition, that electric melting furnaceWarming upAfter 10-13 days, there was a fire in the temperature change range of 800-850 ℃ inside the melting furnace. However, the fire in our working temperature range mainly considered the crystal transformation of the internal structure analysis of siliceous refractories and clay refractories. According to the study of the thermal expansion coefficient and temperature distribution range of the two refractories, the fire was over. Domesticglass electric melting furnaceDuring the heating and preheating activities, it can basically heat up according to the heating curve, and adjust the stay in time and effectively, so that the refractory materials in all parts of the glass electric melting furnace are continuously expanded and uniform.

FromThe temperature fluctuation in the range of 850-1200 ℃ is large and difficult to control, sometimes fluctuating above Baidu within an hour, which will cause drastic changes in refractories, especially the crystal transformation of molten refractories at 950-1200 ℃, accompanied by 6.9% volume shrinkage.

Therefore, in this temperature range, the heating operation should take into account the electric melting.AZS materials, such as large temperature fluctuations, will cause the electric melting brick to electric melting furnaceUnder the influence of high temperature and violent fluctuations, the corundum bricks in the kiln will form horizontal and vertical cracks in a short time, especially in the flame space, such as breast wall hook bricks, entrance arch bricks, small chimneys, small furnace openings, etc. The influence is not obvious at the initial stage of kiln operation, but in the middle of kiln operation, the hook bricks will turn over, exposing the pallet, causing the breast wall to tilt towards the kiln opening. Domestic glass enterprises have repeatedly occurred the above-mentioned serious chest wall tilt accident, resulting in collapse, water plug,glass electric melting furnacesuffered heavy economic losses.

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