The correct way to install and operate the glass electric melting cellar!

glass electric melting cellarWe can produce many environmentally friendly products for us, but in order to ensure the safety of the workshop, during installation and operationglass electric melting cellarAt that time, we should master the right method!

  glass electric melting cellarInstallation:

  1.At the beginning of the on-site construction, when coordinating the on-site construction personnel and tools with the customer, if the on-site construction requirements can be met and the construction period can be completed, take photos for the customer, and do more work from the customer's standpoint on the premise of the customer's on-site conditions. It's important to have a good start.

  2When encountering difficulties in construction, when communicating with the person in charge of Party A, we should use the tone of the customer and be willing to speak to the customer. Sometimes, we suddenly encounter something that Party A must be responsible for, and our tone should not be too strong. After all, we are serving our customers, and getting their full cooperation is the most important thing.

  3.For the requirements put forward by Party A during the construction process, please do not rush to coordinate with Party A and determine the treatment plan. First of all, we should seriously consider whether the requirements put forward by Party A are reasonable and respond to them, and timely contact the company leaders or the personnel responsible for the problems that cannot be solved on site to report, solicit the company's opinions, and then reply to Party A.

  4.In the construction process, should pay attention to their own speech and behavior. We represent the entire engineering company. Don't talk to the construction staff with your preferences and temper. In the construction process, do not lose your temper.

  5.The person in charge of the site should take the lead and fully mobilize everyone's work emotions. To make an overall plan, we should make a preliminary plan for the next two or three days of work, and reasonably arrange the time of the construction personnel in advance, and have a correct work logic.


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