Spring is coming, the blessing of future is planted--Record Russia Exhibition in 2024

With the intensive cooperation between China and Russia in recent years, China has become Russia's largest trading partner. According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2024, the trade value between China and Russia reached 238.642 billion USD, with a year-on-year growth of 26%. Influenced by relevant policies on energy conservationsustainable development and geopolitics,the Russian demand for Chinese products has increased sharply.

     After the Lantern Festival, the five members of Huafu went to Russia and participated in the trading exhibition. This is also the first time that Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition abroad after the epidemic. The buyers were mainly from Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Belarus and so on, working in tableware, medical glass, decorative glass and other fields.

     Besides participating in the exhibition, sales manager, Mr Wang was sincerely invited to the factory by the customer. Communicating with customers about industry trends and learning about market dynamics. Customers shared their experiences and insights, and let us deeply feel the potential and charm of the Russian market. Customers expressed high praise for our products and expressed their willingness to pursue further cooperation. This has strengthened our determination to expand into the Russian market.

Huafu will continue to focus on the development of overseas markets for the new year, and combining with market demand and energy supply and will lead technique trend, honesty,quality, service and the pursuit of excellence.

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