The Furnace is Ignited Successfully In Sichuan Langjiu Group

The section of igniting furnace is the key to normal production, there are so many procedures that should be confirmed before that, the following are the detailed solutions and the implementation processes for two problems:



Solution of abnormal value in compressed air pressure

1.Problem introduction:

The value of compressed air pressure is exceed the normal value, and there is no pressure reducing valve for controlling it. This condition may cause damage to the ignition equipment or lead to ignition failure.


Adjust the compressed air pressure by ball valve and pipeline.


(1):Assess the current compressed air pressure and determine the conditioning range.

(2):Install the three-way external ball valve in the appropriate position to ensure the installation quality.

(3):Connect the air pipe to ensure unimpeded ventilation.

(4):Adjust the compressed air pressure by adjusting the opening degree of the ball valve.

(5):Make multiple tests to ensure that the pressure is stable and meet the use requirements.

Solution of the natural gas leak problem

1.Problem description

Due to the ignition of the 3 # furnace at the same time, the natural gas pipeline has been changed pipe diameter, resulting in the increase of the intermediate temporary connection parts and the increase of the leakage risk. This situation not only affects the production efficiency, but also has safety risks.


Rectify the natural gas pipelines, eliminate the leakage points to assure safe service.

3.Implementation process:

1Evaluate the current condition of the natural gas pipeline and formulate the rectification plan
Communicate with relevant departments to ensure the progress of the rectification work.
Remove the problematic parts of the original pipe and make necessary replacement or repair.
Add or replace the seals to ensure no leakage at the connections.

(5Conduct pressure test to ensure the pipeline leakage.
Pass the customer security check and get use permission.


In the process of rectification, we have to faced many challenges. The site personnel unremitting, after many times of demolition and reform, and finally successfully solved the problem.

5. Summary:

1Strengthen the communication with customers, learn about what they need and their feedback timely.
2Our engineer have a strong sense of responsibility and professional dedication, to overcome all kinds of difficulties
3Make multiple tests and inspections to ensure that the problem is completely solved.
4Pay attention to safety measures to ensure the safety in the rectification process.



Through the above efforts, the problems of high compressed air pressure and natural gas leakage have been successfully solved, which provides a strong guarantee for the ignition in the production process of Lanjiu. In the future, we should continue to pay attention to the operation of equipment, strengthen maintenance and inspection, to ensure production efficiency and safety. At the same time, it is suggested to strengthen the technical training and improve the operational skills of the field personnel to deal with other problems that may arise. Our continuous improvement and efforts provide more stable and reliable support for the production process of Langjiu.

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