The opal glass manufacturer introduces the installation of the glass electric melting furnace

Now more and more enterprise workshops begin to use glass electric melting furnace, many people may not know the correct installation process of glass electric melting furnace, improper operation will cause bad consequences. So, how to installglass electric melting furnaceIs it correct? below andopal glassLet's get to know it!

1The glass electric melting furnace does not need special installation, only need to be placed on the indoor ground or on the bench. The controller should be placed on the workbench, and the inclination of the workbench should not exceed 5 degrees. The distance between the controller and the electric furnace should not be less than 0.5 meters, and the controller should not be placed on the electric furnace to avoid affecting the normal operation.

2The load capacity of the power line, switch and fuse connected to the controller and the glass electric melting furnace needs to be greater than the rated output power of the glass electric melting furnace.


32. When wiring, first loosen the screws on the left and right sides of the controller shell, then turn up the shell, and connect the power cord according to the figure. The connection between the controller and the electric furnace and the thermocouple are used as the connection line. Insert the thermocouple into the furnace from the small hole of its fixing seat, plug the gap between the hole and the thermoelectric with asbestos rope, and then fix it.

4To check whether the wiring is correct, first turn off the power switch, then pull the button switch on the controller panel to the on position, adjust the setting button, and set the temperature to the required level.

5Check whether the disconnection protection control device works normally. One end of the thermocouple can be loosened. At this time, the power supply of the heating equipment will be cut off automatically when the temperature measurement indication rises to a high point. The disconnection device is in good condition. After the thermocouple is reconnected, it can work normally.

62. Baking oven, when the electric furnace is just used or reused after long-term shutdown, it needs to be baked.

7After use, you need to pull the toggle switch on the internal control system panel to the off position, and then cut off the main power switch.

The above isopal glassThe manufacturer introduced it to electric melting furnaceI hope it can be helpful to you. If you still want to know the relevant content, welcome to consult us.

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