The opal glass manufacturer introduces the reasons for the short life of the glass furnace.

glass furnaceWhat is the reason for the short life span? I believe some friends may not know much about it. Next, let'sopal glassThe manufacturer simply introduces it to you!

1. the quality of design

glass furnaceThe safety and reliability of the structure, the stress status of each part and the support of the steel structure of the kiln are reasonable, the collocation between different materials is reasonable and effective, the advancement of the kiln structure, whether the temperature of the kiln rises and falls freely, the angle of the flame, the thickness of the flame gas layer, etc., are all direct manifestations of the design quality. These aspects will affect the service life of glass furnace.




2. refractory quality

Refractory quality plays a very important role in the life of the furnace. The appearance quality of refractory materials affects the size of brick joints of masonry and the appearance of kilns. The internal quality of refractory materials directly affects the service life of kilns, so the quality of refractory materials is very important. It should be checked whether the various indexes of refractory materials purchased can meet the design technical requirements and whether they can meet the relevant standards and industry standards.

3.KilnMasonry quality

Whether the refractory masonry slurry is full, the purity of the slurry, whether the size of the masonry brick joint meets the design requirements, whether the transition layer between different materials is operated correctly, whether the production and erection of the kiln arch tire are reasonable, and whether the brick joint extension line formed by each brick of the furnace cover passes through the center of the circle, which will affect the overall life of the kiln.

Proper Use and Maintenance of 4. Kiln

The correct use of the kiln not only refers to the control of the melting temperature and the amount of materials in and out, but also includes how to make full use of the melting area of the melting pool, so in addition to the correct use, regular maintenance is also required, so as to extend the use of the equipment.

The above isopal glassThe reason for the short life of the glass furnace introduced by the manufacturer, I hope you can have a further in-depth understanding of it after reading it.

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