Anhui Huoshan Glass Technology Exchange Conference Documentary

Jointly organized by China Daily Glass Association, Glass Branch of China Silicate Society and Information Exchange Center of China Glass Technology Service Network2020Section23National Glass Furnace Technology Seminar "in2020Year9Month22Day24Day in Anhui Huoshan Yingjia Villa victory held. From the national colleges and universities, scientific research, design, glass production enterprises, refractory suppliers, environmental protection equipment suppliers and kiln engineering companies300Representatives attended the meeting. The leaders of our company attached great importance to this meeting. At the meeting, they appeared in the name of supporting units. At the same time, the marketing department sent5Sales staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, our company introduced the application and development of electric melting furnace in the glass industry under the new situation, and received a good response. Judging from the current situation, the trend of increasing environmental protection pressure will not change, which means that enterprises can not relax in environmental protection management for a moment, and the investment in environmental protection will be greater and greater. The trend of improving the quality of Chinese manufacturing will not change, which means that the days when China's exports rely on shoddy manufacturing to compete for prices are gone. The trend of clean energy and diversification of power generation forms will not change, which means further restricting the use of fossil energy, so as to gradually eliminate backward production capacity, and increase efforts to support technological innovation. the development of new production capacity, new business type and new technology rich in vitality. These three trends just cater to the three advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and high standard of electric furnaces, which are recognized by peers in the industry.

Meeting5Sales staff extensive contact with new and old customers and related service providers, received very good results. Not only did they all get to know everyone who had been arranged before the meeting3The task of the customer, and with Shandong Lubo, Sichuan Xuyong Lang wine Oriental and other key customers in-depth communication.

The meeting not only can extensive contact with customers, in-depth promotion of the company, but also a good opportunity to learn from the same industry. Zhengzhou Dongfang Ancai Refractory Material Company Xie Zong said "Melting and Casting"--The performance characteristics of β and β alumina products and their application in the glass industry, the application of vacuum patent technology in the production of electric melting bricks by Zhao zhenlin, general manager of Henan qianwei industrial co., ltd., and the key indicators of glass batching system by shaliye, general manager of Shanghai plison batching system co., ltd., have both practical reference significance and inspiration value for future work.

On the whole, the industry will still be an important platform for us to promote brands, introduce products, contact customers, and promote exchanges. We should do everything possible to make good use of this platform to think that we can develop markets and promote brands to play greater value.

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