The exchange meeting on new design and new technology promotion of glass furnace at home and abroad was successfully concluded.

The "New Design of Glass Furnaces at Home and Abroad, New Technology Promotion and Exchange Conference" co-sponsored by China Light Industry Information Center and Glass Magazine was held in Beijing from March 18 to 20, 2019. The theme of this conference is to promote the high melting rate, low emissions, furnace for a long time advanced furnace, all-electric melting furnace design concept. More than 250 representatives from nearly 60 glass enterprises and more than 100 supporting enterprises at home and abroad attended the meeting. Glass experts Shen Changzhi, Beijing University of Technology, German Horn Company, Solger Company, French Sipu Group and Chengde Huafu Glass Co., Ltd. gave lectures on special technical products at the meeting.

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The second phase of Jiangsu 50-ton perfume bottle glass electric melting furnace was successfully ignited

The successful ignition ceremony of the new glass electric melting furnace of Jiangsu 50 ton perfume bottle manufacturer has recently ended successfully, marking a solid step forward for our company in the field of perfume bottle glass electric melting furnace. As this partner, we are deeply honored to work together with such an excellent company to jointly promote the quality of domestic perfume bottles to a new height. The ignition of the glass electric furnace is the second electric furnace of the manufacturer, and its successful production has a far-reaching impact on the domestic perfume bottle industry.

The company held the training of "Key Account Marketing and Business Negotiation" and successfully completed it

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, in order to further improve the ability of employees in key account marketing and business negotiation, Quam has decided to hold a special course training on June 11, 2024. This training takes key account marketing and business negotiation as the core content, and stimulates employees' enthusiasm for learning in the form of group PK to achieve the improvement of sales skills.

The Lanceshaw exhibition was successfully held

Recently, the global glass industry event - LLAN GALSS SHOW was successfully held. As a world-renowned exchange platform for the glass industry and the most cutting-edge technology display window, this exhibition has attracted many industry leaders and international industry experts to gather together. In this special event, Quam Technology Development Co., Ltd. has successfully enhanced the company's reputation on the international stage with its advanced glass electric furnace technology.

Iran International Glass Exhibition 5.28-31 welcome your arrival

Iran International Glass Exhibition 5.28-31 welcome your arrival

The 26th anniversary celebration of Quam Project was successfully held!

The May sun shines on the land, and enthusiasm and vitality are intertwined into a beautiful picture. In this energetic season, Quam Engineering ushered in an important moment in the company's history - ushered in the 26th spring and autumn of the company's establishment. To commemorate this special day, Quam Engineering Co., Ltd. is scheduled to hold a grand celebration event on May 18, aiming to review the brilliant achievements of the past year, look forward to the bright blueprint for the future, and enhance the cohesion and team spirit of employees. The factory celebration activities were rich and colorful, including mountaineering activities and interesting quiz activitie

Tyron insulators have achieved another great result

The 35-ton glass insulator electric furnace built by our company for Tylen Insulator Co., Ltd. was officially discharged on May 16. On the 3rd day of discharging, the pass rate of tempered line products reached 80% on the 5th day, and the pass rate of tempered line products reached 90% on the 6th day. It broke through the record of the fastest debugging of insulator glass electric melting discharge.