Chengde Huafu Project: Melting Process of Glass Electric Melting Furnace

The technique of melting glass is still to be electric melting furnace. With the prospect of accelerated development of the industry with government support, more and more people realizeglass electric melting furnaceHowever, there are many people who do not know much about it but want to join in, but lack professional knowledge, which often leads to wrong views. TodayChengde Retires EngineeringThe small series will tell you aboutglass electric melting furnaceThe relevant knowledge. I hope you can read it carefully.

   With the maturity of glass melting technology and the renewal of melting process,glass electric melting furnaceThe width of the feed pool is increasing. Because the heat absorbed by the batch is proportional to its coverage area, the wider the feed pool, the larger the coverage area of the batch, which is more beneficial to improve thermal efficiency and save energy, which is beneficial to increase the melting rate. Therefore,Current Largeglass electric melting furnaceThe design uses the same width and quasi-equal width mode as the feed pool and molten pool. With the increasing width of the feeding pool, large inclined blanket feeders have also appeared. The width of the molten pool and the feed pool in the furnace are both11m, Two inclined blanket feeders can meet production and technical electric melting furnaceThe melting portion of is the portion where the batch materials are melted and the glass liquid is clarified and homogenized. The front and back of the melting section consist of a melting zone and a fining zone. The upper and lower sections are the upper flame space and the lower kiln basin. The upper space, also known as the flame space, is a flame-filled space enclosed by the front wall, the glass liquid surface, the large kiln roof and the chest wall of the kiln wall. The lower kiln consists of a bottom and walls. That is, the function of the melting zone is to form molten glass by physical and chemical reaction of batch materials at high temperature, while the function of the fining zone is to rapidly and completely discharge bubbles in the formed molten glass into the glass. The molten glass quality required for production is achieved.

  Material issues (12) No pollution or low pollution to glass; (2) Under normal use temperature, it must have high chemical stability and be able to resist the erosion of ingredients and molten glass. There is no contact reaction between adjacent refractory materials.

  Chengde Retires EngineeringThe editor will introduce you electric melting furnaceTechnology. If you endorse what we say or have a problem with knowledge that can be further expanded, please contact us.

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