The main technology and application of glass melting furnace

 glass melting furnaceThe technology mainly includes glass electric melting technology, glass full electric melting technology and front furnace electric heating technology.

All-electric glass melting technology is to use all the energy required in the glass melting process in the form of electrical energy (or more90% of electrical energy is generated) into, and does not require any other auxiliary equipment for fuel combustion. It has the advantages of small footprint, small size, good environmental protection effect, no three wastes, high market efficiency, good product quality, fast delivery, strong mobility, high labor productivity, and high degree of automation. It is mainly suitable for low output (general) every day0.2To30tons of finished products), high-end products, high value-added glass products, such as optical glass, high-grade white porcelain, lighting and handicrafts, etc.; products with high pollution and volatility during the production process, such as lead glass,Opal glass, etc.; Borosilicate glass, glass ceramics and alkali-free glass and other refractory glass.

glass melting furnaceTechnology means that the furnace mainly relies on flame melting, and through the input of electric energy in key parts, it achieves the purpose of increasing glass output, improving glass quality, and improving thermal efficiency. Usually, the electrical energy input only accounts for the total energy10-30%. Boost technology is suitable for all types of furnaces except crucible furnaces. In addition to certain advantages of all electric furnaces,glass melting furnaceAlso features flexibility and flexibility. It can adjust the output according to different seasons, different time periods (morning and evening) and different sales volume, and increase the production capacity of glass at an appropriate time to achieve the purpose of one furnace for dual use.

Electric forehearth heating refers to the use of electricity in the forehearth to heat the glass liquid to achieve precise control of the sensitive temperature and eliminate or reduce the temperature difference. It is widely used in China to improve product melting furnaceIt has mixed heating and full electric heating and sealing functions. For material channels and unclosed material channels, there are usually1To4Some are equipped with electric heating devices above and below the hopper.

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Because borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, it will not crack at harsh temperatures like ordinary glass. Therefore, many industries regard it as a good choice for producing products. In addition, what advantages does it have? Let Xiaobian briefly introduce to you, let's learn about it! high borosilicate glass

The advantages of high borosilicate glass compared with ordinary glass

Borosilicate glass is a glass containing boron trioxide and has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. At the same time, it is the same as ordinary glass and will not break due to temperature changes. This means that you can pour boiling water into a cup made of high borosilicate glass, and you don't have to worry about injury caused by a broken cup when making tea or coffee. So, what's so special about high borosilicate glass? The following is a brief introduction to you, let's learn about it!

Temperature alarm technology for pool wall tiling

Opal glass electric melting furnace, due to the addition of fluoride in the raw material composition, exacerbated the erosion of AZS bricks on the pool wall. In order to extend the service life of furnace, the outside of the pool wall needs to be tiled in the middle of furnace operation. If tiled too early, forming heat preservation effect on the pool wall, will affect the overall service life of the furnace. Being tiled too late will cause leakage of the pool wall, leading to accidents. Therefore, the timing of the pool wall tiling, directly affects the furnace's utility ratio.

R&D of electric furnace PLC system

The traditional electric melting furnace is controlled by meters/potentiometers with manual adjustment, small scalability and relatively single function.

Energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of glass electric furnace

Glass electric furnace for bottle making is a kind of glass production equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. With the latest technology and design, bottle glass electric furnaces play a vital role in the glass manufacturing industry. This paper introduces the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection of glass electric furnace for bottle making, and discusses its importance and advantages in glass production in detail.

the first batch of water jackets used for top-inserted electrodes with new structure were completed

In 2024, the first batch of water jackets used for top-inserted electrodes with new structure were completed, and there was no leakage under water pressure, which met the design requirements.  The engineer optimized the design of the water jackets according to the actual situation of the high backwater temperature when using and the great structure of foreign counterparts.