Chemical Reaction of Glass Electric Melting Furnace

  glass electric melting furnaceAs our main machine product for glass processing, it has a pivotal position, so today we are going to give you a good talk about the relevant knowledge of this glass electric melting furnace, I hope you can read it carefully.

Several problems should be paid attention to when using SnO2 electrode:

Because SnO2 electrode is sensitive to reducing gas, CO is reduced to Sn when encountering CO. Therefore, the furnace of the oven must be in oxidizing atmosphere. When installing the electrode, in order to be safer, the surface of the electrode is covered with broken glass, or broken glass is added to the electrode.

Strictly control the heating rate to avoid sudden and large changes in charge, otherwise it may cause electrode fragmentation. In order to ensure the service life of the electrode, the current density on the electrode surface should be controlled below the maximum allowable value (0.7A/cm2).

During installation, the inner surface of the electrode is required to be flush with the refractory material contacting the glass liquid surface. Attention should be paid to the influence of erosion on the effective surface. If the current interruption time is more than 30 minutes in production, the current must be slowly increased when the electrode is re-energized. On the contrary, if the current needs to be greatly reduced in production, the cooling air of the electrode must not be interrupted during the operation of the furnace body, the cooling air volume should be adjusted according to the redness of the electrode.

The top brick to prevent the electrode from shifting outward must be installed in place, otherwise the electrode may shift, and the connecting cable of the electrode must not be connected incorrectly, especially for the furnace body where the upper and lower electrodes are controlled by two independent thyristors, otherwise serious consequences will occur.

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