Development of Water Jacket in Glass Electric Melting Furnace

  glass electric melting furnaceIt is a product of glass production and processing equipment, so what we want to tell you is its water jacket. With further development, FIC's high-quality electrode water jacket is used in all-electric melting furnaces with very harsh environment. The water jacket is directly immersed in glass liquid, and the front end of the water jacket is subjected to a high temperature exceeding 1600 ℃. However, it is the basic requirement for a water cooling equipment with excellent performance to work like this all the time.

The unique feature of this water jacket is that its waterway is made of 310 pieces of solid stainless steel. This waterway system is a complete system. It can simultaneously penetrate the waterway from top to bottom and the horizontal connecting pipeline at the closed end. FIC solves the problem of these waterway connections. Maxi 'Q' water jacket has been in use for four years and has provided more than 100 sets. However, the use of such water jackets is very expensive and is only used under the most difficult conditions, and the absence of any welds near the glass or refractory means that some potential weaknesses are completely eliminated.

The production process and the required temperature are also large enough for waterways. Generally, the cross section of the water jacket is about 50% larger. Recently, it has been found that these water jackets have other uses. They can be used in the top electrode system of electric melting furnace. It is generally believed that the top electrode is to avoid the installation problem of electrodes and refractory materials. However, the efficiency of the water jacket in this system is very low. In order to make the water jacket more effective and prevent molybdenum electrode from being oxidized, the water jacket must be immersed in the molten and clarified glass liquid. In the electric melting furnace, the temperature is generally 1550 ℃ or even higher. When the glass is melted, the particles in the raw materials exist and the reaction gas is released, if the water jacket retracts to the reaction layer, the molybdenum electrode is likely to be oxidized. In order to avoid this situation,glass electric melting furnaceSystem builders recommend that the electrodes be withdrawn periodically and replaced.

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