Against the light
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Against the light


Engineering case


During the end of 2022, the epidemic prevention policies in various places could not be unified, and many areas were closed for half a month or even one or two months. At that time, an agreement was reached with Zhongshan Sanyi to complete the installation years ago. However, due to the inability of some materials to enter the site, the progress of the project was greatly affected. Through multi-party coordination and communication, all materials were finally delivered to Zhongshan three or four days before the Spring Festival, it saves a long part of the time for the on-site construction after the year, and the discharging can be completed at the time agreed with the manufacturer.

At 9: 00 a.m. on January 27, 2023.1.27, the ignition was successful. After 17 days of heating and debugging, the material was finally released smoothly. After a short period of discharging, the product quality of the current manufacturer has exceeded the previous normal production level. The manufacturer also expressed great satisfaction. The manufacturer's satisfaction with us is our greatest recognition.This is the eighth electric furnace that our company successfully put into production in 2023.