Inheriting Maotai's salary fire, choosing Jingqi's future

The first 60-ton opal glass electric melting furnace of Maotai Jingqi Glass successfully completed the ignition on March 30, 2023. The 100-day work finally came to a perfect end at this moment.




Behind the dazzling, we cannot do without the silent efforts of each member of our team. On December 22, 2022, our team went to the Maotai site with the attitude of "yellow sand, wearing golden armor in a hundred battles, not breaking Loulan and never giving it back.

There are still 18 days to go before the ignition. Bai Jingyang, the person in charge of the site, took his time and immediately started the work deployment. He not only had to guide the installation of the annealing kiln products, but also had to ensure the welding quality of the steel structure components. He also had to speed up the speed to ensure the ignition of the manufacturer on the 30th!


Material channel part


Electrical part


annealing kiln part


Electric furnace part


On the afternoon of the 23rd, each installation unit and manufacturer discussed in detail the completion of the project in the last week and the problems encountered, and once again determined the completion date of each unit, and exchanged the problems found by each installation unit to solve together. After the meeting, the person in charge of our company once again confirmed with our staff the completion time of each part to ensure safety.

In the first phase of this project, we encountered all kinds of construction difficulties. On the contrary, our team did not retreat in the face of the difficulties. On the contrary, it was absolutely no accident that the success was achieved. Behind this, the on-site personnel did their own work and did not let go of every detail. It was the help of the company behind it, as the strongest backing of the on-site personnel. After the successful completion, the cohesion of Huafu team has become stronger, the trust of customers has become higher, and the influence of Huafu has become greater, but this is not the reason for us to relax our vigilance. In the next phase of the project, we will continue to maintain our Huafu spirit, adhere to the concept of providing customers with perfect and reliable solutions, and build each stove as the first one, "Do not forget your initiative mind, so as to achieve your final goal".


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