2019 National Glass Quality Control and Environmental Protection Technology Seminar Held Successfully

Jointly organized by the Technical Advisory Committee of China Daily Glass Association and the Furnace Professional Committee of the Glass Branch of China Silicate SocietyThe "National Glass Quality Control and Environmental Protection Technology Seminar" was held in Fengyang International Hotel, Anhui from April 16 to 18, 2019. More than 230 representatives from national colleges and universities, scientific research, design, glass production enterprises, refractory production enterprises and kiln engineering companies attended the meeting. Contents of the meetingConcernThe development of the industry, in view of the actual problems encountered in the development of the industry, covering a wide range of areas.. Introduction of All-electric Glass Melting Technology in Our Companyand was welcomed by the broad masses of deputies,During the meeting with a number of glass production enterprises to exchange experience, agreed to follow-up field visit plan. Participating in this meetingThe meeting was attended by a large number of people, and the delegates gained a lot and returned with satisfaction. The exchange meeting was a complete success.

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2024 New start of Chengde Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., LTD

Starting in 2024, Huafu Engineering is committed to meeting customer needs and ensuring project progress. On the third day of the New Year, in order not to delay the progress, the site master went to the site to start construction. At the same time, all staff of Huafu are always ready, Huafu Engineering Company has an efficient and professional team, which can respond quickly and cope with various challenges.

2023 Huafu Engineering Company annual meeting was successfully held

Huafu Engineering successfully held its 23rd annual meeting at Jiahe Hotel in Chengde on February 7, 2024. Through the joint efforts of the company's leaders and the annual meeting team, the company's large-scale activities were successfully completed.

Lecture on Emergency Treatments and Occupational Disease Prevention was Held by Shuangqiao District Government

In order to spread the knowledge of emergency first aid and occupational disease prevention of employees and enhance their ability to deal with emergencies, Shuangqiao District Health Bureau successfully held a lecture in Huafu (Chengde) Glass Technology& Engineering Co., LTD on the afternoon of January 10th. More than 100 employees were present at this meeting .

The last contract in 2023, the second chapter in the field of insulator

In 2019, we successfully signed the first set of electric furnace to produce insulator , thanks to our excellent technology and reliable service. This project has not only

Bangladesh 45 tons opal electric furnace successfully ignited

The successful ignition of the 45-ton opal glass electric furnace in Bangladesh is an important milestone for Huafu. However, we faced many challenges in this project, the most important of which was the language barrier.

Retire Engineering Glass Electric Melting Furnace Technical Scheme Competition

With the development of the company's market, the company's new projects are increasing day by day, and the company's technical solutions have become the key to whether the market can be recognized by customers. In order to better show the company's technical strength and give full play to the collective wisdom of the company's technical and market personnel, this electric melting furnace technical scheme PK activity is specially carried out.