Change trust into perfect and reliable
  • Change trust into perfect and reliable

Change trust into perfect and reliable


Engineering case


Our company is GuangdongOverhaul of a customerA Nissan38tonsmilky whiteGlass electric melting furnace, in2023Year2Month5DayPositiveIgnition, the next day the material quality will reach the normal production level. This electric furnace is our company.2023Construction of No.9Taichung furnace. The electric furnace has been overhauled for the seventh time. This overhaul, we borrowed from the company30The successful experience of the ton furnace has transformed the straight-tube furnace into a stepped furnace with a transition layer, and through the above improvements, the quality of the glass liquid has reached a new level..

The customer has successfully cooperated with our company15The two sides have maintained a very friendly cooperative relationship and are also our company's model benchmark customers.

At present, the customer has two electric furnaces in normal operation. With the recovery of the market, the customer's orders tend to increase obviously, and plans to increase production and capacity are being studied and formulated. It is believed that the two sides will have closer and deeper cooperation in the future.