Jiangsu Jindian 46 Tons Fine White to Blue Wine Bottle Glass Electric Melting Furnace Successfully Put Into Operation
  • Jiangsu Jindian 46 Tons Fine White to Blue Wine Bottle Glass Electric Melting Furnace Successfully Put Into Operation

Jiangsu Jindian 46 Tons Fine White to Blue Wine Bottle Glass Electric Melting Furnace Successfully Put Into Operation


Engineering case


 6Month21Japan, Jiangsu Jindian46The blue wine bottle glass electric melting furnace was successfully discharging and put into operation.Material No.3Days to achieve the design discharge capacity, the pass rate reached.80%Above, melting unit consumption1.0KWH, successfully passed the customer acceptance.

Jiangsu Jindian Glass Co., Ltd. is an important supplier of Yanghe Blue Classic Series liquor packaging bottles. This electric furnace has been producing refined Baiyanghe wine bottles for the last furnace age. During the overhaul of the kiln, it was also implemented according to the plan for producing refined liquor bottles. After the completion of the overhaul construction, the customer keenly captured the changes in market demand and proposed to Huafu to produce blue wine bottles in the electric furnace that has been overhauled.


Figure1: after the transformation of a new look after the electric furnace


In the face of the challenges posed by the market, the two sides attach great importance to not only to ensure the production requirements of blue glass, but also to minimize changes and investment. In particular, due to the epidemic, the original plan to face-to-face technical program exchange to remote communication, more difficult to the project. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Qian and the team led by Jindian Company for their strong support to this project, especially the rigorous grasp of technical details and the implementation of fine management of glass electric melting furnaces, which are examples for Huafu engineers to learn from and play a decisive and important role in the smooth progress of the project.


Figure2: Jiangsu Jindian for the project configuration of the new production equipment


In order to meet the requirements of customers to put into production as soon as possible, Chengde Huafu decided to conduct a two-line operation after close planning. While designing the formula and formulating the standard of glass raw materials, Chengde Huafu implemented a series of renovations such as furnace body and electricity. Through the close cooperation between the two sides, work together16It was a good day to light the fire.


Figure3: products that go off the production line


Although the company has a successful case of blue wine bottles, but by the high white material electric furnace furnace body to produce blue glass is the first time. Electric melting furnace is the core equipment of an enterprise. It is not allowed to have any mistakes. We can see the customers' worries. The best way to reassure customers is to speak with results. When rows of blue glass bottles walked out of the annealing kiln, everyone involved was relieved.


Figure4: a row of products out of the annealing kiln


This project fully demonstrates the magic of the electric melting furnace. How to transform many uncertain factors into definite results and better serve and help colleagues in the glass industry is the mission of Huafu and the value of Huafu.

The smooth commissioning of this project has greatly enhanced Jiangsu Jindian's confidence in further occupying the market share, and has also allowed Chengde Huafu to accumulate more valuable experience in the construction of electric melting furnaces for melting color glass.