Review the scene, two things to conquer the Egyptian customer!
  • Review the scene, two things to conquer the Egyptian customer!

Review the scene, two things to conquer the Egyptian customer!


Engineering case


At the Egyptian site, the division of labor between the local management personnel and the construction personnel is very clear. The management is only the command, and the workers are only doing the work. In our Huafu, excellent managers are all from the front line. Our principle is that managers should not only know how to do it, but also direct others to do it. The more important premise is that you should do it well and do it well!

Event one:
We have an appointment with Egypt to start construction on the 14th. Egyptian senior engineer Mohy mentioned that Egyptian workers will be in place on the 13th. According to domestic customs, it is normal for Egyptian workers to be in place on the 14th. At 10: 00 a.m. on the 13th, Mohy said that the staff had been in place and asked to start work. because the appointment was to start work on the 14th, our preparation for the furnace had not yet been completed. however, the Egyptian customer said that since the workers were in place on the 13th, the workers must have work to do, otherwise huafu would have to pay all the workers for this day. Facing the problems arising from communication and understanding, Tian(Egyptian name for Tian manager)Tell Mohy to start work at 2:30 p.m. on time. Then, Tian organized the team members to reserve the place for our steel frame work, arrange the site in advance, and arrange the work site that needed Egyptian workers to do it. They didn't eat lunch. The four of them were nervous until one o'clock in the afternoon. Everyone was very hard, but they were also holding back their strength. At 2: 30 p. m., when Egyptian boss Kamel and engineer Mohy saw the workers start their intense furnace work, they shook hands with Tian and gave him a hug and a cheek kiss, which are relatively close expressions of affection in Arab etiquette. Now, whenever the Egyptian side comes to China and meets Tian, this greeting style is maintained, and the Egyptian side boss calls Tian a brother.

Editor's note: it is not a day's work to deal with the relationship with customers. We need to impress customers from the details, always consider the interests of customers and the company, find the best combination point, and do our best to work!

Event two:
During the furnace building process, the electric hoist broke down. After inspection, the contactor needed to be replaced. Egyptian electrical engineer Tareak agreed to replace it with Tian. When faced with a truss over 9 meters high and no protective measures were taken, Tareak hesitated and retreated. Tian went up, changed parts, and everything was running normally. Tareak looked at Tian with special respect.

Editor's note: critical moments can test people the most, we Huafu on-site management personnel to develop real skills, bold and careful premise is their own strength!