Engineering Sets 3 Records in April
  • Engineering Sets 3 Records in April

Engineering Sets 3 Records in April


Engineering case


1. construction site up: 13 construction sites at the same time.
2. has the largest number of business trips: 50 people from all over the country.
The 3. construction speed is the fastest: Wenshui Zhiyuan Project will be ignited in 7 days (guiding installation) and Sanhui Project will be ignited in 6 days (contracted project), with an average daily installation capacity of 1.73 tons per person.

These achievements reflect the continuous improvement of the professional and technical level and personnel quality of our company's engineering personnel. In response to the urgent requirements of customers, the engineering department worked overtime to complete the needs of customers in a timely manner, winning valuable time for customers to win the market and was highly recognized by customers. At the same time, it also reflects that our company's construction capacity has made another qualitative leap, which provides a guarantee for installation services to undertake a broader market in the future.