"Milk white glass bottle body red ribbon", Maotai wine bottle image is how to evolve

How did the image of the Maotai bottle evolve step by step? (I)

From the ancient simple clay vase to the white porcelain vase, to the presentopal glassThe classic Maotai image of the bottle and red ribbon is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Maotai has come from the splendid history. The bottle body of each stage of transmutation is the ingenuity of different charm, which is the epitome of spiritual culture. Wearing a feather neon suit, the tenderness of the hundred turns contained in the milky white glass bottle, the traditional Maotai craft, high-quality writing of the wine soul legend.

Workers chose Maotai bottles in the 1950 s.

Before 1956, Maotai bottle has been using Renhuai local production of ceramic bottles. Simple and elegant wine bottles are wrapped in oil paper and sealed with corks, and jackets are sealed with pig diapers and then sealed with sealing paper. Moutai in sentient beings is combined with earthen ceramic beads, mysterious and artistic casting of the eternal classic, in the earthen ceramic bottle of quiet years of Moutai, when opened fragrant.

In 1959, Guizhou Maotai was a golden wheel.

Maotai Distillery is constantly improving the appearance of wine bottles. In 1958, beautiful and generousopal glassThe bottle stands out from the dull earthen vase. In 1959, China's Guizhou Moutai was printed on the red ribbon of the ancient wine flag, which was randomly hung at the bottleneck of the export white porcelain bottle, the golden wheel Moutai. Chinese element Maotai opened a new era of red belt fluttering. In order to prevent the wine bottle from wearing during transportation, the tissue paper is wrapped on the wine bottle. The light and breathable tissue paper complements the continuous fermentation of Moutai during storage. The cotton paper is wrapped on the milk white glass bottle Maotai, which is full of historical flavor and imprints the essence of Chinese culture, which is the witness of the development of Maotai. Nevertheless, earthen ceramic bottles have long been used as domestic Maotai liquor bottles.


How did the image of the Maotai bottle evolve step by step? (II)

In the 1960 s, a corner of the packaging workshop.

Maotai Distillery continues to experiment and replace more suitable packaging material manufacturers. In 1966, Guizhou Qingzhen Glass Factory successfully researched the technology of trial-producing milky white glass bottles. Maotai bottles began to be replaced on a large scale. Simple and elegant milky white glass Maotai bottles were more and more recognized by the market. Exports were unified to milky white glass bottles. Maotai Distillery gradually ended the packaging history of ceramic bottles. White porcelain bottle Maotai was difficult to find.opal glassBottle, cylindrical bottle body, the familiar image of Maotai is fixed on this, has been used until now.

In the 1960 s, the outer box of Maotai packaging was a heavy wooden box.

Maotai outer packing wooden cases were sold to other places in the early stage of the factory, with different specifications. Maotai has used each box of 35 bottles, 30 bottles, 25 bottles, 20 bottles and other specifications. The bottom of the box and the bottom of the bottle are filled with straw and chaff as a buffer to prevent the hardwood box and bottle from being damaged during transportation. After the milk white glass bottle is packed, put it in a wooden box with partition. For years, the wooden box was filled with fresh and fragrantopal glassBottle of Maotai, opened its shining journey. In the early 1960 s, the original 20 bottles in each wooden box were changed to 24 bottles, and both ends of the wooden box were reinforced with 10mm iron sheets. With the inheritance of history, the outer box of Maotai is constantly changing, advancing with the times, showing its unique essence mark.

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