Differences and similarities between borosilicate glass and tempered glass

Different types of specialty glass have unique properties that are required in different general situations.high borosilicate glassIs a common glass in laboratory glassware, it is a very crack-resistant glass. Tempered glass is more common and can be seen in many places, such as safety glass doors and windows, which are treated to make them stronger and safer.

High borosilicate glass: This special glass is particularly resistant to thermal shock, but is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. Borosilicate glass is made by replacing the calcium carbonate component of ordinary glass with boron oxide.


Tempered glass: Tempered glass is a common type of glass that has been heat treated or chemically treated to make it "stronger" and more resistant to heat. If it breaks, it will break down into small square pieces, making it safe for applications such as the side and rear windows of passenger cars and glass doors and windows of buildings.

high borosilicate glassIt has good thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, and can be used for some special optical applications. Tempered glass is more suitable for use in passenger cars because its physical properties make it less likely to form fragments when broken. Once tempered, it cannot be cut or physically altered. Both types of glass are stronger than ordinary glass and are more resistant to thermal shock.

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