What is the use of soda lime glass?

soda lime glassThe use:


1,Good perspective and light transmission performance. The transmittance of near-infrared heat rays in sunlight is high, but it is very good to block the far-infrared long-wave heat rays reflected by visible light refracted into indoor walls, furniture, fabric ceilings and floors. The transmittance of the net glass to the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight is low;

2Sound insulation, with certain thermal insulation material performance;

3Its tensile strength is much less than the compressive strength, belonging to the typical brittle material;


4It has high chemical stability, usually, it has strong resistance to acid, alkali, salt and chemical kit gas, but it can also lead to deterioration and destruction by long-term corrosive medium, such as glass weathering and mildew, which will lead to appearance damage and light transmission performance reduction;

5Poor thermal stability.


1Colored flat glass: can be assembled into various combinations, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, etc.

2Glazed glass: it has good chemical stability and decoration.

3, embossed glass, spray glass, ice glass: according to the production process of different patterns, there are a variety of colors, perception, gloss good effect, rich decorative.


1Tempered glass: mechanical design of high strength, good elasticity, good thermal stability, broken after not easy to control the injury, not easy to explode.

2Clamping glass: fragments will not scatter after impact or sudden temperature change; it can prevent flame from spreading in a short time; it has certain anti-theft effect.

3Laminated glass: good transparency, high impact resistance, high durability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance.

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