CHINA GLASS 2024(The 33rd China International Glass Industry & Technology Exhibition)-Hua Fu Technology

On April 25, 2024, the 33rd China International Glass Industry & Technology Expo was successfully held in Shanghai. This time, HUAFU TECHNOLOGY COMPANY exhibited successfully in W4 exhibition hall. Compared with the 32nd exhibition, this exhibition has more participants, more foreign exhibitors, and wider promotion to the world, which is a technology "collision" of domestic and foreign glass industry.



Temperature alarm technology for pool wall tiling

Opal glass electric melting furnace, due to the addition of fluoride in the raw material composition, exacerbated the erosion of AZS bricks on the pool wall. In order to extend the service life of furnace, the outside of the pool wall needs to be tiled in the middle of furnace operation. If tiled too early, forming heat preservation effect on the pool wall, will affect the overall service life of the furnace. Being tiled too late will cause leakage of the pool wall, leading to accidents. Therefore, the timing of the pool wall tiling, directly affects the furnace's utility ratio.



Hot "Newcomer", Electirc Insulator Melting Furnace Ignited Successfully

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of industry, the glass industry is also showing new development trends. Among many glass products, insulators are becoming the new focus of the glass industry due to their unique performance and wide range of applications. When we talk about the hot products in the glass industry in 2024, insulators are undoubtedly in the right place.



Safety and Efficiency Be "Both Hands Grasped", Our Inspection of On-Site Safety Construction

In the first quarter of 2024, our company's contract orders hit a record high, more than 30 glass electric melting furnace program started construction. Our company attaches great importance to safety management of on-site construction. In order to ensure the safety of construction on-site and employee, our company let the manager of the Department of Safety and Production go to the site of the construction, check the safety situation of the construction, at the same time assist the person in charge of the site to do a good job of on-site safety management of all the work, coordinate safety management responsibilities and interactions between our customer and our company, and do a good job of the on-site construction, which ensure that construction work be carried out in a safe and orderly



Opportunity and Challenge

Huafu has delivered a remarkable answer in the first quarter that we not only successfully completed the marketing volume, but also showed a good trend of steady increase with the cooperation of different departments. For our company, it has brought the opportunities for development, meanwhile bringing the pressure to cope with the challenges.



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